Course information

Course location: FERRUM D Gentile, Delsbergerstrasse 177, 4242 Laufen / BL

Phone: +41 77 279 72 80 -> Important: SMS od. WhatsApp – Phone calls are often difficult to take in the workshop (noise, machines, etc…) so SMS or text messages are an advantage. WhatsApp. For calls:
Please leave a voice message
if a callback is desired.

Directions: Directions

Time: 09:30 to 17:30 (exact end of course may vary by +/-30min) (full-day course, other times by arrangement).

Doors open at 09:30!

Appointments: Appointments can be made directly on my booking website if this has not already been done: Booking website

Bring along: Please bring sturdy work clothes made of cotton or cotton. Mixed fabrics (work clothes, jeans, military clothing,…)
Do not wear clothing made purely from synthetic fabrics! These can melt on contact with flames and cause severe burns!
Good footwear is also recommended (work shoes, hiking boots, military boots).
If you have personal protective equipment (safety goggles, ear protection, gloves) you are welcome to bring it with you. Otherwise, I will be happy to provide you with the appropriate equipment for the duration of the course.

Lunch: There are numerous options for lunch in nearby Laufen. On request, for an additional charge, I offer lunch in the workshop.

Hotel: In Laufen there is, for example, the Rathausstübli( and the Hotel Central( We also recommend the nearby Röschenzerhof(

General course conditions

updated April 2024

Included services

The course fee includes the course services (*1) and the required standard material. Not included are special woods, horn/bone, stone, precious metals such as gold & silver or materials that have to be specially ordered for the course participant. For special projects, we are also happy to clarify the material requirements in advance and provide a quote for any costs. Without prior agreement it is not guaranteed that special material is in stock.

Forging course according to agreed duration and topic, basic material, consumables (abrasives, carbon/gas, welding material,…), protective equipment (loan for the duration of the course), parking, theory material (if necessary).

Terms of payment
The course fee must be paid in full by the start of the course at the latest.
When booking via the online store, you have the option of paying for the course either online by credit card or by bank transfer. TWINT (Switzerland only) or by bank transfer. You can also pay for the course on site at the workshop. When paying on site, payment can be made in cash or by TWINT (only for customers resident in Switzerland), credit card (Master / Visa / Amex) or EC/Maestro card. If paying in cash, please bring a suitable amount in Swiss francs.

Postponements / no-shows
After the definitive booking (invoicing, invoice counts as booking confirmation), courses can generally be booked. can also be rebooked. You can also make rebookings directly in the course portal. Paid courses must be attended for one year, otherwise the course entitlement may expire. Other deadlines are also possible by arrangement.

Postponements: You can also postpone dates yourself directly in the course portal within a period of 2 weeks before the start of the course. Short-term postponements can be made by arrangement.

Course / Event Cancellations: If the customer cancels a definitively booked date (invoicing), this must generally be done at least two weeks before the start of the course, but at the latest before the invoice due date. Cancellations less than one week before the start of the course will generally not be refunded. The date can be rebooked by arrangement. If no postponement has been notified and the participant(s) do not show up, there is no possibility of a refund. In this case, the course is considered “Attended”. In special cases (family emergency, accident, etc., an exception may of course be made).

Underage participants:
If the participants are minors (under 18 years of age) and do NOT wish to attend a course accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, please fill out a corresponding authorization to participate from a parent or legal guardian.
A simple written note with the full address and signature of the legal guardian is sufficient.

Risk & disclaimer
With the definitive registration for the course, the participant(s), in the case of minors the legal representative, agrees to be aware of the risk of injury when working with machines and tools. The course instructor, FERRUM D Gentile and associated persons conduct the course with the utmost care and caution, liability for injuries and accidents is completely rejected.

Further questions:
If you have any questions or queries, please contact FERRUM D Gentile ( at any time.

FERRUM D – Daniel Gentile
Delsbergerstrasse 177, CH-4242 Laufen