FERRUM D Gentile, Delsbergerstrasse 177, 4242 Laufen

The shop is in 4242 Laufen/BL, 15min from Delémont/SO, 30min from Basel City and approx. 1hr30 from Bern, Zurich and Lucerne. The closest train station is Laufen BL.
The nearest train station is Laufen BL.

By Car:
Coming from the direction of Zurich, Zug or Lucerne I recommend taking the Autobahn towards Basel and upon reaching the vicinity of Basel to heed for Delémont along the “Route 18”. This is by far the fastest route. The Shop is just at the end of Laufen. From Laufen keep heading in the direction of Delémont and just after leaving the town cross the small bridge on the left that takes you to the industrial zone “Birsmill”. The shop is in the large building on the left after the bridge. You can park your car by the ramp (roofed section) and the entrance is at the main door, please ring the Bell “FERRUM D”. Some GPS Navigators recommend the route over "Balsthal" (by taking the Autobahn towards Bern and exiting at Oensingen). Whilst it is minimally shorter by plain distance - driving that route takes longer. However for motorcycle riders I can recommend taking the route over Balsthal through the "Naturpark Thal" - it is quite interesting to ride and very scenic. Travelling from the are of Bern, the route over Balsthal ist indeed the fastest one. Albeit during winter or with bad road conditions I'd suggest following the route through Moutier and Delémont. From Delémont it only takes 15 minutes to the shop. Parking is available in front of the shop, by the ramp.
Some navigation systems recommend the route via Balsthal (on the motorway take the turn-off towards Bern and then at Oensingen)... Even though the route is shorter than via Basel/Delémont, the driving time is longer. For motorcyclists, however, the route via Balsthal (Thal Nature Park) is highly recommended - as it is relatively winding and exciting.

From the Bern side, the route via Balsthal is the fastest - in winter or in poor road conditions, it is advisable to drive to Balsthal in the direction of Moutier and then Delémont. From Delémont it is just under 15 minutes to the workshop.

Parking spaces are available directly in front of the workshop. (by the ramp)

Public Transport
The closest S-Bahn/ICE Trainstation SBB is in Laufen BL. The nearest Busstation is then "Delsbergerstrasse" (Bus 118 from Laufen BL, SBB). Two bus stops from the trainstation.
The nearest bus stop (Bus 118, from Laufen BL, SBB) is "Delsbergerstrasse" and is only 700m from the workshop. There are two bus stops from Laufen station.


The entrance to the workshop is by the large building on the site (after the bridge on the left) under the canopy.
Please ring here:

Phone Contact: +41 77 279 72 80 - Important: Please send either SMS or WhatsApp Messages. At the shop due to machine noise/operation picking up a phone (or even noticing it's ringing) is often almost impossible. Thus text messages are preferred. If you call and I don't pick up, please leave a voice message and I'll call you back asap.: +41 77 279 72 80 -> Important: SMS or WhatsApp - Telephone calls are often difficult to receive in the workshop (noise, machines, etc...) therefore SMS or WhatsApp is advantageous. For calls: Voice message please if a callback is desired.