FERRUM D - Daniel Gentile

"The Fire, Knives and Swords - working the hot glowing steel over the anvil - all of that has been fascinating to me ever since I can remember. Whilst the knife as a tool, an object of daily use holds my fascination so does the sword in it’s own respect to its largely mythological heritage."

Daniel Gentile - FERRUM D Gentile - crafts unique items of the highest quality from pattern welded steel ("Damascus Steel"), applying both age old and modern technics. Knives & Tools for passionated Chefs, Outdoor- & Sports-enthusiasts as well as Swords and Axes of historical authenticity. The materials used are of the highest quality, whenever possible locally sourced, like beautiful hard woods from fruit bearing trees from Switzerland.

Along with the manufacturing of custom knives, FERRUM D Gentile offers you a broad range of forging courses, enabling you to craft your very own Knife, Sword or Axe from pattern welded steel.

"To this day, after more than two decades , the work at the anvil with fire and hot steel is a strongly passionate work for me - it has become an integral part of my live, of my identity."

Daniel Gentile