FERRUM D – Daniel Gentile

Fire, knives and swords – working on the anvil with red-hot steel – have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. The knife fascinates me as an everyday tool, the sword as a weapon and because of its mythical past. “

Daniel Gentile – FERRUM D Gentile – combines old and modern techniques to produce unique, high-quality items from composite welded steel (“Damascus steel”). Your knife for passion in the kitchen, in nature and for craftsmanship. Swords and axes are also created based on historical models. The materials used are primarily high-quality and sustainable, e.g. beautiful fruit tree wood from Switzerland.

In addition to the production of high-quality cutlery, FERRUM D Gentile also offers a selection of forging courses, giving you the opportunity to make your own knife from scratch using Damascus steel that you have forged yourself.

“Even after more than twenty years as a bladesmith, working the anvil, with fire and steel, is a job of passion for me, a part of my life, of who I am.”

Daniel Gentile