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FERRUM D Gentile

Knifemakers - Forging courses - Damascus steel

Unique knives and swordshandmade in Switzerland
Specialising in the over 2500 year old art of composite weld steel fabrication, the legendary "Damascus steel„.
In individual forging courses you can also make this yourself


Custom Knives & Swords

Individual Custom Knives & Swords, made by hand

Forged to fine artisanal quality - "handmade in Switzerland".

Crafted in a combination of traditional & modern technics, handmade custom Chef's Knives, Outdoor-/Hunting-Knives, Folders & Swords. Specialised in the making of precision made one-of-a-kind items of the highest quality.

Specialised in the making of precision made one-of-a-kind items of the highest quality.

  • Fine Pattern Welded (Damascus Steel) Chef's Knives in both western and asian styles
  • Hunting- and Outdoor-Knives crafted from high end steels as well as stainless pattern welded damascus steel
  • Folding Knives made to swiss precision standards of highest precision
  • historically accurate European Swords & Axes, forged from pattern welded damascus steel  European Damascus steel type
  • Katana, Wakizashi & Tanto / Japanese Samurai Swords forged from forge-folded steel
  • Viking Swords forged from elaborate composite pattern welded steel


For one-of-a-kind Knives, which are immediately available for purchase vist my Online shop.

Information on bespoke works.

Forging Courses

Individual Knife & Sword Forging Courses

FERRUM D Gentile offers you the experience the age old craft of Bladesmithing & Knifemakingduring one of my forging courses. Learn about traditional and modern technics. Forge your own blade in individual courses with no more than four participants.

Forge your own custom made Chef’s Knife, Hunting Knife or an Axe from Pattern Welded Steel (“Damascus Steel”).
Forge your unique, traditional Samurai Sword (Katana, Wakizashi or Tanto), or historically accurate European Sword during a 4-6 day sword forging course

  • Individual & Small exclusive group courses with max. 4 participants

  • Knife & Sword forging courses

  • Pattern Welding (“Damascus Steel” / forge welding) courses